The best compliment I ever received from my mother was, “Danny, you have a zest for life!”  I’m happy to report that I still do. After 37 years of doing my domestic duty putting together a home and raising two stellar offspring with my wonderful wife, I dumped the mortal coil of daily labor in book publishing. Now, I spend my time writing, reading, watching the grass grow in my backyard meadow, and binging on old movies, deep cable series, and sports. But, writing is the thing; hence, this exchange.

This writing and reading site features poems, stories, and novels written over the better part of fifty years (plus a modicum of commerce peddling published works). Most of the entries were written by me in the Wallace manner, with some guest poems and stories posted as well. The exchange element, of course, hinges upon comments from you, the readers, and ensuing dialogues. The greater goal, though, is that you enjoy what is presented here.