Announcing the New Novel Maybe Tomorrow by Jim O’Donnell

From 1969 to 1970, Jim O’Donnell found himself in Vietnam, drafted directly out of graduate school. Though opposed to the war, he felt fortunate for being assigned to the Army’s civil affairs unit charged with helping displaced locals. Sent to language school, O’Donnell learned Vietnamese that gave him greater access to the people. He discovered it to be a mixed blessing as he witnessed closely and deeply their terrible hardships.

Nearly fifty years later, O’Donnell decided to share his experiences in a novel about Vietnam.  Maybe Tomorrow illustrates the harsh realities of the brutal ironies created by the Vietnam war in a unique and utterly moving way.  Just published by Wylisc press,  you can read the first chapter “Soldier of Fortune” now, posted below.  Now available at Amazon, you can order your own copy of Maybe Tomorrow by clicking on the cover image shown on the right.